8 Oct 2009

Cleaning Time:)

As I said on my last post about organizing my place last Saturday, Heheh as usual, I was not able to do it that time. but finally the next day Sunday, I did it! It was really a family day at home:) We usually were out every weekends but last weekend because me and my daughter were sick we just stayed home whole day:)
Last Sunday, after our brunch, I decided to really fix my computer board. While I was organizing it, my husband thought to do something also;) Then he remembered that our refrigerator, specially the freezer already need to defrost because it has lots of ice that sticks. So he decided to clean it up! Heheh, it was a fun family cleaning time because Laikka also was helping. She always try and make herself available for anything she might be of help:) And she was so happy that time, I can see:)
Well, as you can see my table on the picture above, its already a lot better:)
Good day everyone!

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sweet_shelo said...

I see you had really fun doing the cleaning sis.. And much better is you had your place organize.. What a great activity for the whole family.. heheh

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