25 Oct 2009

I love you..GOODBYE:(

Since our new car is coming next week or the week after, we have to sell our old car. I felt sad because I already love this 'röda bil'. Oh how time pass! It was like just yesterday since we bought this car. This is our first car as a couple or as a family. So, you know??? how I wish I know how to drive already so no need to let this go:( I really feel sad even if I'm happy because we will have our brand new car. We bought this red car like second hand..it really looks new outside until now cause my husband took care of it, but there's already many thing's going on ,on its part like the machine thing. And its not so smart when you're keeping two cars..soo expensive because they have many insurances here to pay even if you will not use the car.

So, tomorrow my husband will already put it in blocket.se, where one can buy and sell things...everything you want you can buy there in a low..low prices. Uh,uh..I hope our car will fall to kind and a good new owner.

Hmm.., sometimes we need to let go even something we already love if what is coming gonna be better. As I always said;
'We must learn how to say goodbye in order to know how to say hello:)'

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S-H-Y said...

wow RED CAR ha igat mana sya lol..anyway you will get your brand new volvo car so soon :P....Im happy for you guys..

eden said...

i will have the same feeling too.
well, anyways, congrats sa brand new car nyo..

take care

Lindz said...

ana pud ko sa una nga ahong gibaligya ang ahong car, pero mawala man ang kaguol kun makita na nimo ang inyong bag o nga car

Dhemz said...

agoy...bye bye na diay ni tjan..sige lang kay naa man bag-o....ehheheh!

chubskulit said...

Tama si Lindz, pag nakita mo na yung bago mong car mappalitan na yang love mo dyan sa old one mo.. Tama ba pagkaintindi ko hahaha..

Mom of Four said...

Ganon yata talaga Tejan, ako rin kakabili ni hubby ng used car ko last week, parang di ko mapalitan ang karag kong Honda, kahit ganon lang yun, napamahal na sa akin, kasi kabisado kko na, lagi na lang kasi akong itinitirik eh. Last time, na stop ako sa drive thru ng Burger King, kasi ayaw umandar, tinulak ako ng mga employees, sobrang embarrassing tlaga, kaya I had to have a new one.. But.. you will learn to love your new car, kasi yun na ang lagi nyong kasama sa bawt lakad, oh di ba?

Chris said...

aww... life goes on... change is the only constant thing in this world!

happy Monday!

jenie said...

thought you're singing there, haha!
but you're right, learn to let go for a better welcome ;)

Salitype said...

i like your take on letting go..." we must learn how to say goodbye in order to know how to say helloo..."i like that, very much!

about the car, yeah, unfortunately we can't keep them forever.like you say they become a liability.

can't wait to see the new ride!


maricar said...

hallöchen tejan!

thanks for adding me and for your comments, congrats on your new Auto! and new baby? and what about the prüfung? the test? hehhee ;)

roffe said...

I likes old Volvo cars, but a prefer new cars..

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