30 Oct 2009

When the leaves change its color:)

Its autumn once again. The weather here is not so good:( Raining and so windy almost everyday. And the sun sleeps early, already dark at 5pm and the whole day so gloomy. But then I still can see the beauty of the sorounding:) The trees and leaves changes its color. Some turn to yellow, some red, orange and some still remains green. So its soo good to see different colors around. It amazes me though its natural to be like that, but I still like to enjoy watching and observing these changes:)

I love sleeping nowadays cause you know:)wink* And with this weather?? it makes me more feel lazy to get up. But I need to and go out! Aside from the daily routine we should do, its so nice to see whats going on to thise beautiful creatures around:)

Like today, I have no school, no work and just stays home for a moment atleast. I want to just stay and lie down on bed reading books to my dear daughter until she sleeps:) hahah. But we have to go out later to feel the sweetness of fresh air..hehh! (balak na do!)

Have a great friday everyone!

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Lindz said...

I hate it when it's dark and gloomy pero dito naman very rare lang ang weather na ganyan laging nakakasilaw ang araw dito eh hahahaha kaya mga tao puro mga naka sunglasses parang si Roy Orbison hehehe.... uyyy ako din noon laging inaantok nung first term ng you know hehehe... buti hindi ka hirap?

Dhemz said...

agoy ang buros giganahan man ug katog...hehehe...sos kalami na kaau ibalukot lagi dayon pag tugnaw ang weather...hehehe!

teJan said...

mao jud... lami lang sigi katulog dinuyogan sa weather nga hilabihan:)

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