23 Oct 2009

Shopping Together:)

Once in a while we really must have time together with my family here in this foriegn land. Like sometimes, at my aunt's house or at our place or even going to some places together as long as we can get along.
Last weekend we decided to go shopping:) Since, we are going to send boxes (package) to Philippines last of this month, we went to a store where we can buy cheaper can goods, lotions, shampoos and the like even coffee:) Our husbands wondered why we are sending those kinds where in fact they can buy it more cheaper there:) We just reasoned out that they would not buy or not used to buy big bottles or packages...just sachet:) heheh... We want them to be environmental friendly hahahah! (sachet empty packs makes the place dirty..weee peace! ) And if we send money instead, they will buy it to another thing. hhahah! (typical)

So..after our shopping with our husbands patiently been with us, we went to a nearest restaurant and dine together:) It's really so good to have families around! And be sure not to loose contact with and have time together.
Tomorrow, we will go to thier place and am sure it will be fun packing up! hheheh.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Godbless!

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Beng Gee said...

Hey Jan, I am blessed to have a generous expat relative like you. She keeps on sending us those U.S. goodies though she knows we can also buy it here. Very typical of a loving and caring pinoy attitude. You are lucky to have a family around you on the land far away from home. I hope you'll forever have each other while out there.

Thanks for the visit at ingat lang palagi!

gleenn said...

that's great. i love shopping too, but only for clothes. i'm not really fond with grocery shopping.

as for me, i just sent a jombo once in 5 yrs. never did it again. i realized it's not worth the time and effort. so i just send money.

;) have a great time.

teJan said...

@Beng; yap..good that you see it..how i wish, they feel the same those who can recieve our simple love and concern, but i think they do..hehe my family too is thankful:)

@gleen..hehe money and goods will be great! aheheh. good day to all!

grace fancubit said...

why you can't comment? i'll check my setting dear. Come back and comment again. Godbless

eden said...

i do it once a week, going shopping with friends hunting for the best bargains..

have a nice weekend

roffe said...

Hi my "svenske" friend..or Indonesian friend..hehe.. I don't like shopping, only when I buy a new car..Have a nice weekend.. Ha en trevelig helg..

Salitype said...

that is nice, spending some time with family. well, the family that shops together, stay together..lol!

i used to do the same thing, send a boxes of goods at home, not anymore! just go with them shopping for goods until they drop...ha!ha!ha!

have a fabulous sunday! enjoy the packing!


chubskulit said...

Nice bonding sis, so ano naman ang yung napamili hehehe..

maricar said...

oh, you have akind heart tejan, i am doing the same thing here... err.. but never thought of blogging it! hehehe ;) have a nice week!

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