4 Oct 2009

Eye opener!

Upon hearing the news about what happened in Philippines these past few days. I remember as well as my husband the typhoon we had witnessed when we visited Philippines last year. My husband's family here in Sweden were so afraid because the typhoon really was on our place. We received many calls from our concern families here.

Those pictures above were my personal shots after and during the typhoon. My husband has videos on flood filled over the street the reason that no mobile was able to cross that time. The water were so strong to bring down everything or everyone who dare to pass.

Today, during Sunday service at the church... they showed videos about typhoon 'ondoy' and how devastating it was. People, children, cars, things, houses... filled with water. It made me cry, everything flashed back, the Ormoc tragedy long time ago and other nature related experienced I had. We did a group prayer and this action is nothing without doing something right? So, we collected or gave little amount for the victims.

These happenings are so sad to think about. But in the other hand, this things are an eye opener to each one of us. How we handle our mother nature and also to think that nothing, no money, no worldly power, no fame, no possession can hold the natural anger. Everything can pass and go in vain.., the question is what and where we are after all these?

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eden said...

it made me cry too looking at the pictures/videos of the aftermath of Ondoy. it is so sad.

I just hope and pray that it will not happen again ever in our country.

sweet_shelo said...

a lot of devastating scene happened here sis due to Typhoon Ondoy and with the newer super Typhoon Pepeng.. Sad sad to know and what a pitiful condition for some of the Filipinos who were directly affected. However, agree with your thoughts, yes these are eye opener for us to turn to the Lord not only at times of difficulties and that we should also look on the things which are above and not only to the material things on this world which cannot save us from destructions..

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