2 Oct 2009

Laikka and her music:)

mommy moments
Today on Mommy Moments is "Music and Me" I never realize its friday once again! waaa.. time goes so fast! well, laikka loves music maybe because I love music myself. She showed atleast so much interest on music instruments even when she was still little.

This is really mommy and daughter time in her little music room. heheh.

We had lots of fun that time when she just recieved all these musical instruments.

This was when she was still one year old! Everytime she saw a piano, she always steals to touch or play with it with her cute tiny fingers. So amazing why she knew what to use on that kind of material, I mean at that age so early. :)
Here is the original (toink) and the reason why she's like that! maybe! hahah!
More music at Laikka's! Happy Meme!

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Lulu said...

agoy pareha diay sa inahan! wow galing naman ni laikka... si andrea walang ganyan pwede huwam mi ??? hehehe

S-H-Y said...

wa like mader like daughter jd, cute au mo tan awon..naa pa jd na mixed na larawang kupas he he he..

laikka said...

hahhaha!!! buang jud ka shy! lulu..paliti na andrea oi! dako na ka income sa blog..hehehe!

Joops said...

Wow, musician family!

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Clarissa said...

Wow!!Rock and rollers family!!May pinagmanahan si Laikka,dearie!!^_^

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...no wonder....liwat man diay sa inahan.....kuyawa sad woi....rock n roll man....lol! thanks for sharing tjan.....:) so cute!

teJan said...

pwerti jud! heeheh lay lingaw!

Chris said...

wow, its great that you can play music as a family...:D

Jona said...

ayun naman pala, may pinagmanahan. i like the first pic. tlagang pinapanood ka nya ha...cute!

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