3 Oct 2009

My Place!

This is my table at home I called it my place. I always spent time sitting here with my blogging thing and studying my lessons. But one day, I just noticed that its already soooo tapsy and things here and there. I can hardly find my important papers or documents or things when I need it! So I was thinking to arrange and do a little cleaning up here. But then nothing happened:) Maybe I was so busy these past days or just lazy and don't know how to keep it in place neatly and organized:(

Oh, I wish I can do it today! I think it's important to make my place comfortable and pretty. Heheh. Well, thats my plan on what to do today so wish me luck!
Happy weekend everyone!

8 readers digest:

rjs mama said...

goodluck mommy :)

Atia* said...

tabangan ta ka...hehehe

burn078 said...

I know you can do it.. hehehe.. thanks for dropping by.. Can we exchange links?
I like to be your friend. Taga asa diay ka?


Anonymous said...

Nice sharing!

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Enchie said...

What a cozy place Mommy!

Analou and Bones said...

Pareha day ta ane Jan. My hubby is a very neat and organize person kaya naman I always being positively criticize that my table is always messy...I am not mad at him for doing so. In fact i am happy for telling me about my weaknesses to make me a better person. I think Jan pero lang jud ta busy plus naadik nata sa blogging.

Anonymous said...

nice Te Jan, ako pod naa pareha ani but pwede lang to akoa ibilibid sa kahoy or whatever nga beyond sa flat surface.. heheh.. nice ky sometimes wlay mag-pic btaw pwede ra kini na stuff..

Cacai M.

Rad said...

I actually like the little desk and all the shelves, seems very efficient and fun at the same time.

Good job

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