29 Oct 2009

Our Celebration:)

Lots of good foods prepared from everyone who cares:)

We love tacoos:) we always do this when we want to have special dinner:) Like when it's a salary friday or if there's something to celebrate:) I don't like this kind of food the first time I saw it:) It looks wierd for me, heheh. But then when I tried it, waaah! love it! From that time on... I consider this as a special dinner:)

So, everytime there's somekind of victory we got, my husband would like to prepare this for us! And because we have lots of victory and blessings nowadays..I was surprise when I got home the other day, he prepared 'tacoos', not only it was salary time but because of the answered prayers we recieved:)
And these foods above were prepared by my family here:) my in-laws... those two pictures above:) swedish food (take note; it was my father-in-law who did it:) and that picture at the bottom with fresh vegetables salad and rice were prepared by my dear aunt:)
Naks! ito di pahuhuli:) of course filipino foods with my filipina friends here:) The same day we took the pregtest and found out its positive, we had hang out together at shy's crib. Then jenny as usual cook those foods:) Promise it was so nutritious and delicious:) So, I counted it as a celebration also! huh daming foods no???:) Just choose what you want..heheh!

Thanks everyone, I really felt special and cared:) (gee nag drama ang buntit!)
Happy reading!!!!:)

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Lindz said...

I love taccos medyo chilli the better... mga swedish people din pala kung amgcelebrate eh daming food parang tayo din mga pinoys

GAGAY said...


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I am looking forward to hear any from u!



Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo....grabi nga celebration woi....sos sayang kay d nako ma enlarge ang photos....samot jud ko ka gutom ug ma enlarge nako...hehehe!

congrats again tjan sa tanan nimo na accomplished!

maricar said...

Congrats! ;)

thanks sa reply and explanation tejan hehe so ganyan pala dyan sa Sweden hindi masyadong strict!? ;) kahit english pwede na ha!ha! ;) ok, oh i got curiuos dun sa "person number" hehe ano yun?

ok good luck sa studies and congrats again sa mga blessings mo ;) we bought a new sofa few weeks ago, siguro i bo blog ko din about that! ha!ha! blessing yun di ba? hehe ;) hey if may time ka visit this site huh? i rate mo naman yung blog ko ok? ;) http://iblogyourprofile.com yan visit ka dyan a tejan! ;)

cool ka lang a.. hehe peace na tayo ha? ;) hey i met somebody there in from Gothenborg her name is Khim and i find her blog... interesting! ;)

ikaw din Ingats! *winks*

Jenny said...

Grabi jud daghana food oy...ay naku still filipino food and the best sakin kasi hindi ako naka on tacoos. ayaw ko ng amoy..hehehe

But it seem very masarap yang cooked ng father in law mo. Pwede pahingi?heheh

S-H-Y said...
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Khim said...

hej! pangad-da oj....lami ang tacos...!

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