17 Oct 2009

My delicious lunch!

My husband don't eat fish..its a long story why so don't aks:) I love fish but its unfair to him if I cook fish' recipes as our food in a certain day. And so I can only cook and eat fish during lunch when he is at work if I want to. Today, since we will be having our exam, I wanted to eat good food, my favorite as possible so I did an 'escabeche'. Wow! it was so good and delicious:) Promise!
Will you believe if I told you I ate them all??! But its true, I need to hehe, it was not as many as how it looks there! hhehehe (nang rason bay!) But anyway, I enjoyed my delicious lunch:)

Happy weekend everyone!!

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Salitype said...

oh it's yummy, that surely makes me hungry! too bad your husband is not keen on fish at all. maybe its the smell that turns him off!

my hubby and little girl loves fish and i am running out of recipe for it..thanks for this, i might try it for dinnet tonight!

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Atia* said...

hurot na?

shydub said...

Hoiisst kalami sa sud an ninyo jan, naa pa bilin dha ky ngayo ko.

Clarissa said...

oh my!!i love fish dishes,too but I seldom cook them.Meron kasing allergy ang husband ko eh(T_T)I'm so drooled,dear!!

Lulu said...

well basta fish i can eat them all too! hubby doesn't eat fish except if it is blackened mackerel... kaon tuod pod sya sinugba sa atoa pero dapat himayan pod intawon....

Lalaine said...

Why man your husband doesn't like to eat fish?? heheh! just kidding!

Your eschabeche sure looks yummy!!

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Chay said...

I love fish too and escabeche is one of the best way to cook it ! Makes me crave for it, especially if you make that with bangus !

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