16 Oct 2009

Mommy at the mall!

mommy moments

Waaa..its Mommy Moments once again:) Its Friday! The theme for today is *A day at the mall:) Hmm I'm thinking to post today, Me at the mall, hehe. Then to Laikka's page about Her, at the mall!
Ngee.. we are about to go out from the mall after shopping some..hehhe. Sorry we took picture outside the mall cause we were ashamed inside. They might think.."oh..Asian women:?" hahha! Anyway, this was really when we had a day at the mall:) See I have shopping bag:) Well, its good to have sometime a day for us Mommys to enjoy and have our time:) And buy what we want ahehheh!Right Mommys???
My husband in fairness wants me to do it cause he knows how wise I am when it comes to buying things for me. I don't just buy you know!?
Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

10 readers digest:

Dhemz said...

hahahha...korek...parehas ta te....si hubby pod...ako nalang mag shopping usa kay dugay mahuman....lisod lagi ning mahilig ta sa bargain kay dugay mahuman...lol!

chubskulit said...

hahahahahAsian women pala ha hehehe love the photos Jan!

Malkwatsa kami kaya halika na at tingnan ang aming Strolling Adventures

Prettymom said...

korek.. mommies should have a mall time on their own..haha
hirap din kasi magshopping if you keep on chasing your naughty kids and c husband pa mareklamo sa tagal ntin magshop..haha

but of course its more fun pag ksama natin cla ksi bonding time na rin.

sweet_shelo said...

hehehe, may mommy feature talaga dito ha.. ganda mo naman dyan sis..

Lindz said...

wow may mommy moments ka ha... buti yan para relaxing minsan walang cheeky things lol

Chris said...

happy mommy moments! glad you can join us this week!

Jona said...

of course what do we do in the mall but to SHOP and we girls are good at it =D hehe

mine’s up too.

♡ N o r e e n said...

wow sexy naman ni mommy! ;)

Cecile said...

hilig m rin palang mag malling eh, minsan sama ko sayo ha, ganda kasi, pati pose mo ang seksi :-)! thanks for sharing, te jan!

Clarissa said...

I agree!!Dapat pati si Mommy eh may time din for shopping!!^_^

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