27 Oct 2009


Know what it stands for?:) yah... it means 'Jesus Never Fails!!!' NEVER! As I promise to share with you this beautiful things that are happening to me these past few weeks/days, here are the results:) heheh.

=I passed all my exams so far:) PTL!
=Our new Volvo V50 is coming next tuesday:) TGBTG!
=And last but not the least, the most important and the greatest is...hehe our 'P-test' this morning is yahoooo! obviously POSITIVE:) HALLELUIAH!!!

Well, I'm not that young anymore so because we were planning/hoping to have another baby, so I want to be this year. As I posted months ago about those big prayer list...huh so in this case, two of those already granted this year. Isn't it so great???! I cannot thank enough! Am so grateful indeed! I can say, I am really blessed and even if I'm used to it... experiencing the promises "... I will show you great and mighty things..." but still I'm amaze everytime! As I said... I'm a woman after God's own heart:) heheh.

Well... I know together with my husband, this will be another challenge in our lives. A new beginning to a higher level:) And I know my God will always walks with me all the way!

A blessed day to all!

12 readers digest:

Lulu said...

yeahhhh congrats sa tanan nga blessings...

Lindz said...

congratulations... o di ba tama ako hehehe... you are so bless talaga... I really happy for you even though we've only just met, I am thrilled to hear about your good news.

Lord CM said...

Congrats naman sa inyo :)

David Funk said...

Congrats indeed! You are so deserving of everything you've gotten.

Even though we've never met in person, I'm blessed to have you as a friend.

God bless and congrats again my very dear friend!

Dhemz said...

wohooo! daan ko pa lagi...hehehhe..am super happy for you tjan...hope lalaki na unta...ako sad apil sad na sa akong prayer list....ehhehee!

my gosh....ate na dayon si laika...wohoo....congrats sa tanan nimo na achieve te....mwah!

analou said...

congrats Jan. May gane kay wala jud ko ma-late ug congratulate nimo. I am happy for you girl. Ingat always sa imong self, ok? Easy lang dyan palagi. Have a wonderful day Jan.

maricar said...

Congratulations! er.. sorry but Filipinos have sayings.. "to see is to believe" sorry tejan makulit ako e hehhee ;) can you show your "certificate"? because i did that before in my old blog when i passed my Deutschkurs here in Deutschland ;)i was so excited to tell to everybody and i showed them my certificate the proof! that i passed! i will wait for that hope you don't mind....? hehehe ;)

congrats again to all yeah.. your blessings ;) have a nice day tejan! ;)

eden said...

congrats sa lahat ng mga blessings mo teJan. ka nice kay naa na sad baby pohon. ganahan pa unta but dili nalang gyud..hehehe

God bless always

Anonymous said...

JeNeFa!!!! Congrats sis!!! :)

Rad said...

Wow, congrats girl. The Lord helps most when your not expecting it.

Congrats to you and the hubby and the new baby :)

JeNeFa, I'm gonna use that one lol

Khim said...


Grattis till er!
Önskar vi allihopa...
Vi är mycket glad att få lukta bebisen huvud..
Det luktar jätte gott! hehehe

Verkligen JeNeFa!

Ha det gott nu och sköt om dig när det finns någon som bultar i din mage...

Stor bamse kramisar från oss allihop!

shydub said...

Thats a call for celebration jan, yahoooooo. paburot na sd sa sexy booty body hehehe. Congrats guys, Ate na si laikka. What a blessings!

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