7 Oct 2009

Sick leave

I really got some rest yesterday. I was just staying home the whole day due to my sinusitis problem. My colds keep on coming back. So, my job gave me couple of days to rest. One of my friend here in blogger's world, Clarissa of Kizuna, commented on my post some advice how to get well on this kind of sickness. She said, a rest and a hot soup will do:) And I think its working, cause I did it yesterday. I made a meat soup with much vegetables on it... wow! it was so good and I sweats after eating heheh. I'm a 'hit and miss' when it comes to cooking. Yesterday, I can say, I hit it! Well, I really feel much better today. I already managed to go to school and I will already go back to work tomorrow:)

Thanks everyone for the concern:) Hope I will be totally well. Its not fun when we're sick:(
Good day everyone!

2 readers digest:

Dhemz said...

waaa..kalami sa sabaw.....naa pa diha te? ngayo unta ko..da ko ug yahong....lol!

Analou and Bones said...

AKo pog nabasahan Jan ug base pod sa among customers' experience kay maggamit ug neti pot. Mora ni xag gamay nga takore unya naay inyang solution pog. Imo ni xa ipatulo sa isa ka bangag sa imong ilong and let it go out sa pikas pod. Nag-swear jud cla nga makaayo daw. I haven't tried it kasi kalooy sa dyos wala man koy sinus. Hope your feeling better na Jan. Ingat.

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