14 Oct 2009

School Results:)

I'm so glad today:)
Though every Wednesday is a long day for me because I will be whole day in school I mean I have subjects on morning and afternoon but this Wednesday is very lucky for me. First, about my morning subject, which is Social Studies, which I hate even when I was still a student in Philippines:l, how much more here that not only the subject itself but thier regulations and by-laws here are far so different from my homeland, then I still have difficulties on the language and half more of my classmates are Swedish speaking people. Most of the time I cannot catch exactly when the discussion already so fast. Waaa, then as I've said last Friday when I was on my sick leave but still I went to school to take that exam. It was not that easy, that exam was about political issues, the laws and congress and how Swedish government or European government works as a whole. I did answer my exam everything I knew and understood about the whole thing and in my own words:) But I kept my finger crossed about that exam.

Today, our teacher called us one by one to talk about our exam, if we made it or take again..heheh. But to my surprise my teacher really appreciate my answers and gave me 'G' which means I pass the exam..yahoo! I really gave back the credit to my best friend:) HIM!

Second, my afternoon subject 'Swedish as a second language' which me and Jenny are classmates. One and maybe 50% of the whole subject's requirements is 'Book Recension'. We were given a book to read then we have to do written and oral analysis of that certain book. I was and still am a certified 'eleventh hour' kind of student. I don't do requirements if not date line:l as if my mind works under pressure. Yes! I know its not good but it works for me anyway:)

Two weeks before the dead line, Jenny already reminded me about our book recension, because she did hers already that time:) yah.. she is good! So, I was freaking, I thought we should pass it the next week..hehe, I was still on page 20 from 315pages book. But then I found out that it will be two weeks more:) On the last night before the time; at 11th hour, I did my book analysis.heheh.
Today, our teacher gave back our written analysis and I got 'VG'.. ahhehe! see it really works for me! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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Bahauddin Amyasi said...

Nice psoting....

chubskulit said...

Good Job sis, that calls for a celebration yipppppeeee! Let's get a toast for that hehehe Kampai!

About the LinkFromBlog pala sis, you are lucky that you got invited meaning very interesting blog mo hehehe.. To get approve, you have to submit the post then after that you will see it in pending.. Inaapprove naman nila lagi.. Nagbibid ka ba? Nung una ganyan din ako, di ko alam na sinusubmit pala and dapat magbid.. If you need assistance just yelp okay.. mwah.. Thanks for your help to our princess.. sana makahabol pa..

shydub said...

Way to go Jan, thats a call for celebration, open dayon ug wine day hehehehe. Ka nice ninyo oi eskwela eskwela lng ako sus taya na sa mga taya ang kautokan jan, profession walay gamit. If I know pa lamang inigari nku dri walay pulos akong profession,maypa eskwela ko ug cosmetology waaaaa. Maayo sd ky naa mn ka classmate nga kaila nimu. sus ako siguro no magahiakong utok anang social studies, ibaksak mn kha ko na hehehe.

Nalingaw ko sa imung commens, sounds family, kauban ra to siya ja sa "you look semiliar to me, have we mate before?" waaaa

Tetcha said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

maricar said...

i know the feeling hehe ;) good luck! or congrats!? ;) hey what is it you are about to give me when i visit there in Sweden? hehe joke! kudos to you Tejan, i made it some years ago,;) and you are a teacher right?

Maricar here, Moin Moin! aus Wolfenbüttel Niedersachsen, DE!

thanks for your comment ;)

Salitype said...

congratulations on both account! you did pretty well...and to think you're beating the deadline...wow!

eng of salitype

Analou and Bones said...

Sus Jan nagcomment ko dani ug nwala. Whahahahah......I am glad Jan nga naka pass ka. Congrats. Pareho jud ta mga 11th hour nga mga tawo. Musta na diha ang panagat?

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