1 Oct 2009

Small little useful accessory!

As we did our weekly marketing with my husband, he happened to find a small thing that he thought I want. When he showed it to me I gave him a big smile, well it means I was so happy that he has something for me. He knows I love taking pictures and he thought I might be needing it for my camera. Well, he was so right! I love it!
But then while we continued shopping groceries, my friends shy and jenny flashed on my minds that I quickly asked my husband where he got it. And after I knew it I went there and get two more for them. Hmm it feels good yesterday that they were happy about it! Isn't it wonderful that for just little thing you can make people happy:) Especiallly your friends!

Look at that! Isn't it cute??? heheh! have a nice day everyone!

4 readers digest:

Lulu said...

ngano wala man mo flash sa imong mind ang akong name oi lol wahehehe

Jenny said...

Thanks again for the gift my friend and for thinking or flashing us in your mind..heheh

Pinays love to take pictures and camera stand will be very useful...ehhehe

Have a good weekend

Rad said...

Thats a very cool tripod for the camera. Now you can take more pictures lol congrats to you and your camera :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

yep, that's a nice tripod! ^_^

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