17 Oct 2009

Something white falling from above:)

We had an exam today, sorry it was not 'essay' as I've said, it was 'reading comprehension'. But anyway, I supposed to go to school one hour earlier as to minimize the pressure..hehe but then, when I was about to get ready on my self, I checked outside first so I'll know what to wear:) I mean if I need to have winter jacket or what. Checking the weather:)
Waaa when I open our window, I was little shocked..heheh (over) on what I saw, something white falling as in its snowing! So, I grab my camera trying to get those on pictures but I don't know if you can see it:) (you can click the pix so it will be bigger:). Somehow I got the first snow rain on this season.

So, instead of dressing up, I went back to the bathroom neutralizing my body with warm water:) It's gonna be cold I thought, so the tips given by my husband during this kind of weather were remembered and those are:

1. Take a hot shower to neutralize your body temperature:)
2. Do not over-clothe.
Hehe, on this I was wrong. I thought before when its so cold outside, I must put as many clothes on me, 2-3socks, underpants (like leggings) before the pants, 2-3tops before the jacket...heheh.

No,no! the skin, or our body that adapts the temperature cannot work because of those clothes, so the more we freeze:l
Well, the exam..uh,uh! I doubt it! It was so hard, for me at least:( huhuhu.

2 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

ka sau sa snow oi :P..

Dhemz said...

waaaaa....parehas man diay ta gikuha te...reading class pod akong g take ron...I hate reading...naa ba mo book report? sos ako wapa katunga akong nabasa...lol!

busy lagi sa blogging...maka adik man jud...lol!

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