13 Oct 2009

Thanks to you:)

There's this girl, silent type if you don't know her, but is so fun to be with when you will be her friend. She looked innocent when I first saw her:) I thought she was just a sister to somebody living here in Sweden and that she just came as a tourist. I really didn't thought she got married to a Swedish man too. She was so young then and petite! I thought 15yrs. old or so. Yes, she is still young, but not that young anymore, but she is far younger than me:) as in I am 11years older than her.

But you know what? I was really amazed the next time I saw her.. She's all different and changed a lot! By the way she carry and took care of herself, waaa, you cannot tell she's that young! She has grown so beautiful and candid, socially speaking. Then we became close friends as the time progresses on:) The more I knew her and the more I've learned a lot about her:) Behind her innocence and silence are the good attributes one will love to have.

She is my mentor in this blogging thing. She helped me and taught me everything she knew about blogging. And even up to this day, she still there ready to help me when I needed her. And my new lay-out? Yes, if it wouldn't be of her, I cannot have this layie I love:)

Sarah,(i call her 'shy' )thank you very much my friend! May you will stay as sweet as you are! Just pay attention on what is good and be innocent of what is evil:) Good luck! I can say, you deserve what you've got now!

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Mom of Four said...

That's so nice of you to post about her. You must relaly be great friends. To tell you honestly, finding a real friend is hard these days.. That's why I am keeping my few friends that I have. coz, I found a treasure in them. I am so glad that I joined this Blog world too, coz I met a lot of honest and great people, that even if we are just online friends, I can feel their sincerity. Best of luck to both of you..

jenie said...

i envy you for within arms reach of SHY then=) i am glad you found someone being so far away from our country. i was told it's quite lonely being someplace else.

she's a treasure, and you writing about her makes you one too=)

chubskulit said...

wow ang sweet sweet mo naman sis, I like shy too.. Through reading her blogs, i feel like she is very down to earth!

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Yung voting nga pala sis, they changed the rule yesterday, once ka na lang pwede bomoto but I really thank you all guys for your support!

Salitype said...

oh! that is such a nice tribute to a friend! she seems very nice. and it is so wonderful to find someone in a country far away from home...

cheer's to you both!

eng of salitype

Rossel said...

glad that you found each other. it's hard to find true friends nowadays.

thanks for grabbing my badge. i really appreciate it. i am back after long absence. we just got our internet connection back the other day after typhoon ondoy.

nancy said...

wow, i'm stunned! i thought of using this layout btemplates just dropped few days ago...hehehe but it's ok jan...it looks so pretty on yours. and that was so sweet of shy.

David Funk said...

Janet, it comes as no surprise to me that S-H-Y helped you out with your layout. Also, I fully agree with everything you say about her. She is beautiful and a very good friend to you and others in the blogging community!

Thanks for sharing!

S-H-Y said...

Hala oi pwede maulaw? :)...WOw what a nice post about me, I just read this now net, I was not in blogging world these passed few days...Good to know that you like me and you find me nice person, I am really flatterd of what you say here and I will stay as you first met me, maybe I changed through how I speak and dress up, it just mean matiguwang nko hehehe...lamat ulit :P see you tomorrow if mag abot ta sa skol..

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