6 Oct 2009

Lovely Morning Breakfast!

We don't usually eat rice on breakfast but bread with sandwich we call it here "smörgås". Cooked potatoes, pasta, and bread are their primary foods here. But I'm so lucky that my husband learned quickly and love rice or Filipino foods as a whole since we got married. I'm proud to say that our table is a Filipino eating table:)

My husband loves fried rice but he used to eat it as his lunch at work. But yesterday because it was Sunday and we ate together, I made a fried rice for our breakfast! It became a little cozy that my Angelikka really behaved in the table. She even blurted out " Va gott!" (its delicious)!

Hmm..just for a change and having a lovely morning breakfast!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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chubskulit said...

we eat rice everyday hehehehe... My son love fried rice, that's the only way I could let him eat veggies kasi hinahalo ko sa singangag hehehe..

What a lovely breakfast you have at nakangiti pa si laikka hehehe.

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Bambie dear ★ said...

lovely morning =) Laika is so cute smiling infronto of the camera..

normally, breaksfast should be light, pero kami heavy breakfast eaters. Only weekends lang kami light.

have nice day

laikka said...

yap! Laikka also is a rice eater herself..she even sometimes want to eat just rice without anything with it. hehe!

Analou and Bones said...

kalame sa inyong pamahaw diha jan. Labe na naay kafe or gatas ba kaha. Dugangan pa nako ug bulad pod. Tsada jud nang tibook pamilya magkaon no. Oi Jan naa man pod diay kay orchids diha. Gwapa pod imong orchids liwat sa inyoha.

Kero said...

my son too loves, loves the chinese fried rice :)

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