13 Nov 2009

Mommy Moments- Sporty days

Today's on Mommy Moments is Sporty Day! My Angelikka have lots of different sport day and mommy too!!hehe.
mommy moments

Well, I love sports:) I do play when I was in my "good days"..hehe but now that many things
changed, watching sports can already fills in my hunger;
This time was funny;) Together with my partner in crime shy, we watched an olympic game held here in Gothenburg. Players from different countries were there. And because we heard that there are filipino players, we went there to watch.But while we were still outside there were players practising so I told shy to take picture of me and those players be the background. After taking picture, I zoom in the camera to look on the uniform to know what country they were, waaaa! they're from Philippines!!! haha..what a luck!

She loves to bike around our apartment down to the football'splan at the back of our place:) And she loves to just play, run and hop around the plaza! And even kick that ball, hehe- i can't find her pics on it:) Happy MM!

4 readers digest:

marielle said...

Happy Weekend! Your visit is a blessing! God Bless!

shydub said...

Ang daming sports ni baby laikka, which is soon to be ate. She will be a great sissy to her baby sis/bro.

Tetcha said...

My son loves swimming, too. Thanks for sharing Laikka's many sports.

Chris said...

wow, she is athletic!! :D

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