4 Nov 2009


Waaaaaa! it was me who proposed!!! Can you believe that??? hheeh. Anyway, because we were already in-love through writing and the fact that he really worked hard in order to get the money he needed just to come and met me. And the fact that I already knew he 's the one for me..(grabe lakas ng loob) heheh so I was confident proposing and that he will say 'yes'. Wahahahaha!!! The story goes like these;
It was so hard for us Filipinos to come here in Sweden even until now. The easiest way would be if you are a family (primary family) of somebody who is a Swedish citizen. And that's include, a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, brothers. So, I was thinking which this was what I was telling/proposing to him that its even hard for me and him having this relationship accross the mile while we don't see each other's yet, how much more if we meet and be apart again. So, I was giving him the idea that "how about if we get married when you come (that if you like me..given the situation) so less expenses because you don't need to come again for the wedding and my aunt and your friend there with you, then, I can come with you to Sweden because if this will be possible..I become your wife! Well, I was pratical that time! Because I believe that if you love each other, its not how long and short your relationship are, its a descision!
Well, it just took him a week (yah,long) because he also was thinking about more money for the wedding, not just for a visit or for a vacation. And so as I was expecting he bought the idea... shared it to his family and his family said; "are you crazy???" you will marry a woman you haven't met?" this is of course a natural reaction! But then, he said" yes I am crazy":) wahahahaha. (crazy in love). He was at the right age so his family supported him and I looked nice and good woman anyway in the picture..heheh, they just wish him goodluck!

He sent me the money to prepare for the wedding..he had just 4weeks vacation and so the wedding should be as early as possible. Upon Philippines rule on marrying a foriegner, he has to be 10days from arrival at Philippine airport. So while, waiting for his coming, I was busy preparing for the wedding!

Well, he has also his time proposing!the real one! it was wonderful, when 'we say, I do'..heheh! thats our next meme!

Happy CC every one!

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Dhemz said...

waaa....atot woi...bitin kaau....lol! agoy, kuyaw kay ikaw man diay ang nag propose te....hahahaa....grabi ka ug powers ha....very practical indeed....ehhehehe!

thanks for sharing....sos woi..bitin jud ko....mine will be up later....:)

Chie Wilks said...

wow..hhehhehe,,,it's nice hearing different proposal stories...urs indeed is great sis...it's true mn pud na mas madali makapunta sa ibang bansa pag wife kana niya...tama lang din ung ginawa mo sis... he is crazy inlove naman eh..so not bad..

Kero said...

Brava!! you were brave to do such thing!!

i'm sure your hubby never regrets accepting your offer hahahaaa. Filipinas make the best wife in the whole wide world. I know you are making your hubby happy more than he could hope for.

my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/11/couples-corner-proposal.html

Janmah said...

heheh..yap that was so brave guys but it works anyway! hahhha!thanks!

Mom of Four said...

Well actually, it sounded like, you didn't ask him " Will you marry me?" you gave him a suggestion which can be beneficial to both of you especially to him. And he bought the idea, bwahahahaha!!!

Buti na lang at you were smart to ask him that what if..saka alam mo namang he likes you and you like him, so bakit magpapatumpik tumpik pa?? di ba? You did the right thing and now you made him the happiest husband in all Sweden! hehehe.

Wait koa ng next week.

kathy said...

Wow tejan! Ikaw jud nag-propose ha.. hehehehehe.. ana jud basta in-love... hehehehe.. Salamat sa bisita ug sa comment.. Basa pud ko next week sa next meme

niko said...

ihhh ham so excited for the next part!! more more more!! :)

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texas_sweetie said...

one of a kind story! just droppin' ec here.

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