23 Nov 2009

So much to be thankful for!!!

As I always said, if there is other word more than the word 'thanks', then that will be the word I will use for God's greatness!

As we know that November is a thanksgiving month, of course we have to give thanks every now and then, but we usually have a great celebration for thanksgiving every November! And so, many houses, churches, places everyday or weekends celebrating a thanksgiving day! In different way of celebrating:) Some with turkeys..hehe and some a thanks offering to the Lord! And that's includes my family and couple of our churches in Philippines! Yesterday, I know my family way back home were celebrating thanksgiving together with the whole church in our local place that's why they have no time to get online;) Buszzzyyy! But then I know one of these days I will recieve a news how great time they had!
But then, I got still a great news and a report of what the Lord has done on one of our churches which is in Cebu City (one of the largest city in the Philippines). They already had their thanksgiving celebration first week of November! Wow! really amazing! I'm amazed because the church building that long time ago was just a dreamed and a prayer but now a REALITY! It's already there standing tall, finished and the fact that its the fruit of prayers and faith! No one can believe that it will be possible until its there! Day by day, the Lord provided the needs financially and physically using blessed people to be a part of that great works!

I can say; this church is one of the manifestation of God's amazing grace and providence! God uses people who were so willing to be used and thats why their lives were also been blessed hundredfolds! It's actually feels great to be a part of God's amazing plan! So, to all of you there! I am encouraging you to always get yourself connected in every opportunity there is, when it comes to God's work! In our simple way, we can!
So much to be thankful for indeed! To God be the Glory!

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Lindz said...

everyday is a thanksgiving day for me... you're right there's so much to thankful for

magina said...

how blessed i am to see my classmates blooming where they are planted by the Lord. hapi thanksgiving everyone...

Dhemz said...

happy thanksgiving tjan....:)

agoy naa diay mo 2 ka simbahan sa pinas? my gosh....hehehe...unsa nga religion te? pastor ba imong pop?

GIOVANNI said...

Wow! That is truly a blessing. We had our church builfing dedicated last September too! during our thansgiving anniversary. God truly is faithful! Soar up high for Jesus... be immovable with your faith.

teJan said...

Hhahah@Dhemz, yap daghan mi simbahan..heheh, bitaw, dili kami tag-iya, si Lord;) I mean I just belong to that church!

@Giovanni, wow! glory to God heheh!

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