12 Nov 2009

Nervous but Excited!

Got to have some rest tonight because I have to wake up earlier tomorrow:) I used to wake up 8:30am but tomorrow gonna be 7am:) As I said I will have lots of check up tomorrow and it will start 8:30am! Hmm.. quite early for me.

Well, I'm excited about my ultrasound! I'm trying to remember before when I got Laikka! My husband's tears came out again seeing the heartbeat of the baby on the tv (?) ultrasound tv..don't know the term..heheh! But I'm also nervous, I don'y know why! Anyway, let's just see how it goes tomorrow!
Have to say goodnight now and more news tomorrow! Have a nice day!

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klivengood said...

haha katulog diha kay bawal ra ba sa buntit ang mag puyat..hehe unsa puyat diay sa bisaya..toink..maka nebyos man jud ng mga check up check up..injection pa, tapos naa pa doctor nga feel nako gihadluk ko...hay ambot..but anyway congrats again for being a mom again...hehe

analou said...

I am really happy for you Jan. I am sure tears of joy manggawas na pod. Congratulations Jan and be extra careful. Pagtulog jud kay basin dili na hinoon ka kamata ug sayo diha.

onlinemommy said...

hey congratulations :) Take care!

I am wondering why my badge and link no longer appear on your site :( while I am pretty sure that it was there on your old template.

Lindz said...

goodluck to your ultrasound, let us know..

onlinemommy said...

Hi, thanks for adding my button! God Bless!

Dhemz said...

hhahaha..nalingaw ko nimo te....update mo naman kami...how did it go? did you guys see the little man's heartbeat? hoping you will have a baby boy soon....ehhehehe!

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