17 Nov 2009

First Year of Marriage... CC # 6 of Tejan

Huh! Wednesday again??? or Yeheeey! Wednesday again!!! heheh, see the difference? Anyway, its CC time! It was so interesting the last topic we had! I read many unique stories of their wedding day..heheh! And today??? Its gonna be the "First year of Marriage!"
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, our first 2o days were lots of fun, passion, travels on places I dreamed of, just enjoying our time together as couples! The night of our wedding was so great! Since, we had the reception at our residence so the whole village can eat somehow free good food. It was like amazing though not so comfortable as in the hotel but my concern was I wanted to share my blessings to people around our small ville through that day! My husband was so amazed when he saw all the foods how plenty it was but after a few hours...all gone! hahahah. but then when I explained to him that those who were here also brought foods for thier family way home! (eat and bring) hehe. So, its just the same as we shared foods to many families! He was so proud and told about it to his family back home here in Sweden where nothing is free:( and they were so proud about it too!

Sooo.., (where am I) Yap, so after that tiring but so enjoyable wedding banquet we went directly to the hotel we reserved for our first night as husband and wife! So funny because we both were hungry..hahha, we felt it when we were alone there and relaxed! But that hotel prepared good foods for us and since, there was a live band... we got also our serenade dedicated to the newly weds and waah! love the song.." FROM THIS MOMENT" hmm! yah I know!

The following days and weeks were full of love and honeymoon! The 20 days left before he flew home here while me remains there were spent by showing him our WOW Philippines:) We visited Lake Danao in my place, Maribago Blue Water in Cebu and the last stop before going to Manila was the dreamed Boracay Island! I treasured those moments! But then, the time and the place which I hated was at the Airport when he was about to fly back home! Oh it was so sad!

I was alone again but soooo much different this time..the loneliness and emptiness were killing me! But then I had to be strong knowing it was not forever. I kept myself busy working my papers in order for me to follow him. Everything went so smooth but the waiting on my visa went so long! For 6 months we just communicate by phone and emails. Until he could no longer bear the loneliness and missing me:) So, by January we applied a tourist visa, still there were many hardships in getting one but finally by Feruary 4 to be exact, I landed in Landveter Airport, Gothenburg Sweden with my husband there waiting! Where tears flowing once again!

Since it was february the month of love, he prepared already a trip to Norway for us to spent our valentine there! He thought there were no more snow in Sweden that time and because I've been dreaming of snow, my first snow should be in that year so we went to Norway where there are lots! I got my first experience with ski and that was horrible! If there was someone who got a video of me that time, it could win in AFV. Why??? because we were at the snow mountain or what you call that when you can ski (slalom) from the top down? I was holding my husband but he happened to let me go accidentally.... waaaahhh! I just slide down from the top down shouting 'help' many were there also skiing looked at me maybe laughing..I didn't care! my husband was so afraid, trying to catch me before I fall down but he did'nt make it! I was so fast with no control! (na-icha jud ko sa su-ok sa koral ato nga skiing place- lagpot ako spiritu) :(
Hmmm, my application on tourist visa was just for 3months, I should get pregnant within those months so the swedish immigration will not let me go back home. We just heard about it that swedish children are very important for them. They can give residence visa if you are pregnant to a swedish baby:) ( This could not be true, not always) Anyway, pressure, isn't it? We don't want to get separated again! But luckily, an answered prayer after one month of trying, I did get pregnant, and that was the weapon of my husband to the immigration office.., He strongly said that he don't want me to travel again with his baby at risk..hahahah! To be short, I was given my residence visa and even a permanent Visa after the baby was born!

July 18, 2006, Our first wedding anniversary! I was 4 months pregnant! We travel Stockholm, the capital of Sweden to spent our First year anniversay:) Hmm.., There were so many happenings in one year but I could not write everything! These are just the highlights, hope you will still read even if its pretty long:) Have a great CC everyone!

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Mom of Four said...

TeJan, katuwa naman ang iyong ski experience..kung ako siguro, wala na akong hininga nung umabot ako sa baba.

well, your first 20 days were heaven since you spent it so romantic with your hubby, but the days after that were the worst, kasi dun mo na siya na miss. Ang hirap kaya ng masanay kang kayakap si hubster, tapos biglang the next day eh wala na, wahhhhhhh! Anyways, I am so glad na you were able to go there and be with your hubby,and siguro ng OT kau para makagawa agad ng babay noh? Hahaha, wise move..oh di di ka na nila napauwi..

Take care and see you again next week.

eds said...

ang saya nman nag first nio kahit nagkahiwalay kau ng matagal-tagal.. pero nakakatuwa un nabuntis ka sa iyong tourist visa ha.. nakatipid ka at iwas paghihintay ng visa. napakahirap kasi magapply ng visa. anyway i can see u both happy .. :)

mine is up >. http://mydigihome.info/?p=247

Me said...

hehehehe...nice to read some love story nakakatuwa..

chubskulit said...

hahahaha sobrang tangkad pala ni habibi mo sis.. Hirap ng malayo noh, pareho tayo hehehe..

S-H-Y said...

Hehe tanga tanga mn gud ka sa ski ba, tan awa nalagpot nuon ka..chege usab pa..

Manang Kim said...

I like this one "the night of our wedding is so great" hehehe. Indeed it is ^_^ Thanks for dropping by I do a appreciate it much.

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darly said...

kakatuwa naman yung wedding nyo, shock tuloy si hubby mo kasi barrio fiesta ang dating. Saya saya!

lurve your story too- your very blessed to have a husband such as your.

Happy CC, mine is up too.

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Dhemz said...

oh my...ka taas ni hubby....lol! my gosh....parehas sad ta te...after sa among ceremony parehas me gigutom woi...mabuang ko...ahhahaha!

korek sa ato kay daghan kaau pagkaon...tapos dali rapod dayon mahanaw...ahhahaha!

na dire sad woi..nothing is free...:)

thanks for sharing your story...I feel you....:)

will share mine later...busy pa akong line..wala pako ka blog hop...daghan na akong absent...lol!

shydub said...

Wow jan ang sarap pala ng first year ninyo puro lovey dovey, tapos sweet pa kaayo si hubby. sus kinsa gd dili ma inlove samut ana.

Kami, sus laba mn dritso ug pagawasay sa baho among first year of marriage, pang world war4 amoa hehehe.

Kero said...

wow! i enjoyed your story the most hihi. so grand performance pala every other night to make the baby huh :)

yes i always hear that europeans take extra care with their children's well being.

you are blessed to have such a devoted husband. may God's grace continue to shine on your marriage.

my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/11/couples-corner-first-365-days.html

Me said...

helo Neth! please utroha ra gud tong whatever ako man gud giutro ang name...

thanks in advance

beakoluvko said...

hi there, i love your story.... it put a smile on my face today... see you around

Chie Wilks said...

hehehhe..buanga sad atong mga Pinoy sis...mura pud atong wedding namu,,nahutdan mi og foods kay daghan ngdala og "bring house" hahha.. and korek sis..it hurts to so much makita atong bana sa airport padulong sa ilaha..as in ang kamingaw di kabayran hahaha...pero it good nga nkasunod ra pud ka sa imong hubby dear sa Sweden after the headaches in preparing your papers..

ngkatawa ko sa imong "naitsa sa suok" atong pag-ski...pero at least sis nkatry ka og ski..for sure kabalo na kaau ka karon....

thanks for visiting mine diay sis

ruby said...

heheh! mao d i ang story ni laikka, gepaspasan gyud ninyo, Jaden was conceived around valentines in 2006 !

Lulu said...

agoy i want to experience na magski sana dili pareha nimo wahehehe

enjoyed reading your story...

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