7 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Novemeber 8 is my mama's birthday and she become 55years old now! She has been in so many things in life. But she has been victorious in all those! Every year passed has been always a blessings that until now she's here with us surviving:)

She's a God-fearing, prayerful woman and a woman of faith so to speak! I'm so blessed with her life. Now, that I became a mother myself, I can always remember what she always said; " There is no hopeless case for a praying mother". We, together with my two brothers become what we are now surely because of her prayers together with the love and support also of our father.

Now, its another year for her once again! And I am so thankful about it! And its always my prayer that she will have the good health and renewed strength that she needs everyd
ay, long life, more blessings, and a happy abundant life!!!

Everytime there's a birthday in our family, there are always friends and family who will serenade the birthday celebrator early in the morning! As if birthday greeting songs will be the one to wake up the celebrant. Since, its already morning there, my brother open our computer at home and called so even if we are far yet we can still be a part of the serenade greeting my mother a joyful birthday:) (thanks to this high technology:)
We also gave our wishes to mama through the web, while we also heard some wishes from those people there and even heard my mother's thanksgiving speech! ahheeh.
Love you dear mama, I hope you enjoy your day with our 'slantar' gift for you..heheh! I hope its enough for your beach party..lol! more years to come

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Mama! She seems to be a really sweet, happy, and wonderful mother. More blessings of happiness and good health to her!^^

Jenny said...

We have same like that in our province... relatives and friends from our church will sing some birthday song...as in nakakaiyak kasi daming tao na nsumasama at nakikibati.

I remember when i was in the province when my mama celebrated her birthday. We didnt expecting our "far" relatives who came and sung a birthday to her.

She was crying and could't resist the love that our friends and relatives still giving her despite of papa is not with us anymore... ayyy cry ako oy...

Happppppyyyy, happy birthday to your dear mama. I know a bit about her because she's scorpio like me..heheh

More birthdays to come and hope she will enjoy her day...

doQ said...

happy birthday to your dear Mama!

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts." ~Washington Irving


taris said...

happy bithday to u'r Mama
Wish her more happiness and health

GoddessDionna said...

Awwww happy birthday to her!

egat said...


roanne said...

happy birthday!!!! cheers to a great health! :)

jenie said...

happy birthday po! send my warm wishes =)

pr's ok...i think it's just a blogger or goole glitch. in my end it says zero, but your's it's still the same. kinabahan ako dun eh! hehehe. kala ko connected nung nawala shoutbox entries kahapon.

still, tnx for the concern and the visit! see you around!

Dhemz said...

agoy ka sweet sa anak tawon..happy birthday nanay! wish you all the best...more blessings to come and good health...way to go!

sos ka nice kaau kay naa man diay serenade....lagi woi...hay tek na jud kaau...ehhehe! nig kanta si laikka te?

salamat tuod sa support kay Akesha tejan....padayon daw ang pag apil ni Akesha...bahala mapildi....lol!

S-H-Y said...

Grattis på din mamma´s födelsedag :P fest fest fest!

teJan said...

Heheh.. Thanks everyone for the greetings and all the wishes for my mother..:)

@Dhems, yes oi, Laikka sings to her lola also.."happy birthdi te yow" hahaha. Unya, bisag lahi ra ila gikanta sa pikas side of the world, syagit sad sya kanta ug baba blacksheep:l lingaw silang tanan!

Khim said...

Greeting and hug to your dearest mother...Happy b-day to her...late is better than never..anyway late commers always the VIP like me...hehehe

Have a good week ahead to you girl!

Seiko said...

Belated Happy happy B-day to your Mama!

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