15 Nov 2009

The longest queue I never seen before!!!

I did'nt make it last night here!!! My body really fall off and really so exhausted that made me fall asleep directly from the time my back touched the bed!

We woke up early yesterday to visit the biggest store here in Sweden (i think), Everything you need from toothpick to computers you can find it there and in cheaper prices. Everyday have a lots of shoppers there from different places buying volume of goods. We usually go there twice a year.., during summer and like this time when winter and christmas is approaching. So economic wise buying things for christmas gifts, decors and foods there. We've been like this for almost 4years now but I never seen that long queue before as looong as yesterday! I knew its been always lining up everytime..thats why we should be there 1hour before it opens but not like yesterday! Even my husband said, it was the longest queue he ever experienced! It took us 2hours in line and funny there's also like a booth between where you can buy coffee and bread or hotdogs! Like 3 or 4 coffe stations...imagine that!!

(My husband on the green jacket and angelikka on pink and me on red:)
Well, finally we got there!(sa hinabahaba man nang procession, nakarating rin) . heheh! Waaa, inside the store were worst! We can hardly move our shopping cart! traffic! And I was a little worried about my time because we have to be home before 5pm because of the Filipino concert that night! I made a list anyway and went directly to where it'll be! We bought all we need and even more that I wanted! My daughter got more toys.., she always reminded us that we went there to buy her toys! (asa ka ana!) hehe.

She loves her hello kitty things:) We already bought her wish for her birthday two weeks from now! Hmmm what a day! A blessed Sunday everyone!

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