6 Nov 2009

Mommy Moments- My great pretender!

Today's Mommy Moments is about pretending:) titled "Let's pretend"!
mommy moments
Well I can say; my little girl is a great pretender! Even on usual days she loves to pretend! Like crying as if she's hurt but so obvious that its a plastic cry:) Specially lately when she already can do many things, she's a drama queen!
Here, pretending that she fall from a high place and she even has a sound on it..."plonk, plonk" hhahah! Well, she's funny when she do like this! She always called me or her dad to see what happened to her, and we need to show concern pretending also that feel sorry on her fall..hehh! She found it funny!

Huh! Loook at that! as if she was "me" hehe! Or I don't really know whats going on to her early mind. She pretends that she knows or she can! Pretending that she was playing or blogging??? hahah!
Well! happy Mommy Moments everyone!

9 readers digest:

Cecile said...

TeJan, hala ka, mukhang may papalit na sa yo sa blogging :-); galing mag pretend eh :-).

chubskulit said...

i love the fall out action hahahhaa... blogger in the making huh!

Janmah said...

oosch! she is really my dearie cute actress! heheh

Mom of Four said...

Kung Blogging queen ka, princess naman siya, hehehe! Hay naku, ganyan talaga mga bata, ang daming alam gawin, mga anak ko rin, minsan nagugulat na lang ako at kala mo mga malalaki na. Si Wrozlie ganyan din, mag ta type sa laptop ng daddy niya at sasabihing, she's at work..hehehe!
Have a great day!

Mommy Liz, Youngster's Park

♥Willa♥ said...

ha ha ha,natawa ako sa Drama Queen. at least you have a future blogger there too.
by the way, I have an award for you Here.
Happy Weekend!

taris said...

smart kid

Chris said...

we have a little blogger here! :)

Jac said...

wow,the future blogger is here..She's so adorable ang cute nya and parehas pla tau mommy meron taung future stunt girl =)
Happy weekend!

Seiko said...

Ahaha!!Ako din natawa sa drama queen.Ang mga bata talaga ano napaka imaginative.Ayan Mommy may kaagaw ka na sa blogging ahaha!!Future blogger:D

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