6 Nov 2009

Thanks Mr. G!!!

Almost everyone that I visited who has given a good rank lately already posted a thanksgiving about it. I always heard before that page rank is not that important but when I lost my page 2 rank, that time I realize how important it is, specially when you are doing reviews. no rank no reviews so to speak!

But you cannot have it as simple or as easy as it is! You need to work for it!and must do what they suggests. And so with the help of my friends here in blogger world who has good rank and visits my site and with my desire to really get my PR back I really put time on it visiting, bloghopping everyday!

The good thing is Mr. Google noticed it and really gave back the PR that I want. It even increases into PR 3. Thanks Mr. G and thanks to all my friends. Your visits counts a lot as it support and encourages me to work more and meet beautiful friends here!
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Goodluck to us!

2 readers digest:

Khim said...

Grtattis sa pr 3...

have a good weekend!

Laine said...

wow! Congrats sis...hope mr. G will noticed me too for its been quite sometime that he gets my PR. anyways CONGRATS again :)

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