8 Nov 2009

Sunday Message:- The Road to the Right Place is Never Straight!

Life is like walking on a long road. Along the way there are confusions, problems, discouragements that will makes us wonder if we are in the right place.But remember.." The road to the right place is never straight!" So, expect many detours, bumps, rough and rugged roads..COMPLICATIONS! And question like "Am I in the right direction?" is so common. But then don't forget that we never walk alone! Let God be with us in the whole journey:) Just keep yourself ON the road and have the right perspective.

Here are 3 things to ponder;

1. Sometimes, a step back is actually a step to a right direction!

= don't rush up! trying to get all at once. Think! what if you are already on the cleft, and one more step its gonna be your end:/ In this case, isn't it to step back will save you?

2. Sometimes, struggles is something you shouldn't fight!

= we need to just let things go sometimes, don't fight for it! It's sometimes there to give us a chance to strengthen up!

3. Sometimes, the unclear is something that you see life more clearer.

= Facing tough circumstances? dizzy? foggy?...don't panic! It will just give you the real meaning of life. It will make us see life more clearer and real!


2 readers digest:

Dhemz said...

very inspiring thought here tjan.....malamdagan man sad atong life dire....hehehhehe!

musta na ang buntis diha? ga suka suka baka dha te?

oo mag uli me sa pinas sa january puhon te....sos ginoo mahal raba tawon kaau ang plete...my gosh..kaigit me ani pag balik dre kay d man me ka afford kung cash...

maau pa si shy kay 3 months pa sya mag stay sa atong yutang natawhan...hahahhaha!

kamo when man mo mag uli?

maricar said...

good thoughts tejan, ahmmmmm.. did you READ what you wrote in the first thought? ;)

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