29 Nov 2009

Stomach full weekend!!!

Waah! parties started already and I'm sure this will be until or the whole December are gonna be parties and celebrations here and there:) My weekend really full of feasting! Last Saturday we were invited by a friend, Khim to celebrate the birthday of her son! She prepared plenty of nutritious and delicious foods for us! Like her blog (Maten och Mannen) full of foods, well she really good on it! As you can see on the pics, that fish with eggs and tomatoes as decoration, really looks great! Hmm..thanks Khimalini! We had fun and we were so full! Thanks also for the 'bring home':)weee!

It was not just a good time with foods but also having a nice hangout with friends and family! Really a great day!

Today Sunday, we were at my mother-laws-place for a get together family dinner! She prepared a unique (well, for me..heheh) and cozy style of dinner! As in, 'cooking while eating' hhehe. It was like the raw meat chops into small pieces served but you have to cook it by the use of some kind of a metal stick and we have to dip it into the boiling 'kettlelike' placed there in the table also (like a tiny fury furnace,hehe). While its cooking we are also eating..cook and eat!

We had a good time and again, I was so full. I never been full when its Swedish style dinner than today! Hehe, because my mom-in-law already knows my weakness, 'rice', so she also prepared some for me:) Well, my weekend just perfect! I hope you too guys! i know some just spending their holidays too:) Godbless althrough this week!!!

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burn078 said...

If i was in your shoes, i might gain lots of pounds just for the weekend..

Misalyn said...

Looks like you guys really had fun.Looking at the photos, looks like you had a sumptuous dinner.

By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a nice day.

Dhemz said...

tulo nalang jud akong laway dire..sos kalami man ani woi...wa man sad atong diet...lol!

MaxiVelasco said...

hello janet! wow. ginutom ulit ako. hehe. i might then bake a cake later. yum

have a great day and good to know you are doing good! hugs!

shydub said...

wowowee daming food dito janm, parang fiesta araw araw diyan, hala kain ng marami juntis hehe.

Malapit lng pala kayo ni mang khim, ganda naman.

maricar said...

Brrrppp!!! i'm full now tejan, thanks sa food ;)

Me said...

pag-dating sa kainan nauna kami dito...heheheh
walang magawa pag-weekend dahil malamig sa labas...kaya kain nang kain...lang hehehe

thanks for coming and see you soon again....kainan nanaman...hehehe!

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