8 Nov 2009


I got this award from jennie of "Life Around Me and You" a couple of weeks already:) Sorry jen, I've been in so many things these past days! But as I promised that I will post it..here is it!

Better late than never to extend my gratitude to my blogger friend jennie for sharing this heartwarming award:) Thanks for the friendship and somehow we'll meet in person:)

I would love to pass this award to my dear friend Khim, Women of SAlitype society, Goddess Dionna, roanne , Sashindoubutsu, Annalou, mariz of You and Me, couple's love book, eleonor, and my new friend isimiyaki:)

Grab it guys and let the friendship flow through everyone here!!!

4 readers digest:

roanne said...

Awww... Im touched! Thanks dear! :) xoxo

Salitype said...

first, congratulations on the awards...wishing you more awards to come!

thank you for bestowing us, the salitype society the honor.on behalf of the other girls, i thank you!

have a fantastic week ahead!

Khim said...

wow...first awards! thank you my Dear Janeth....:)

more power to you...neth...tudlo.i ra ko adtong naay mo green or yellow color kadto bang imo gipakita naho sa adsense ba to? ambot nakalimot nako oj ingon mag-ka pr mao ba toh?...basta mao toh...

ha det gott nu och sov gott..._Kram

Sashindoubutsu said...

Wow! Thank you very much for the award Tejan! You well deserve it, too, for being wonderful friend. ~hugs~ and more ~hugs~

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