27 Nov 2009


When we were visiting our place in Philippines, my husband really was so amazed seeing this mini bus in line waiting their turn at gasoline station as we did also. So, he cannot help getting his camera and took picture! As you can see, some poses there at the top, some smiling and looking not only because of the picture but maybe also because its a foriegner who's holding the camera!

This scenario is absolutely förbidden here in Sweden:) You can never see like this here, but this is so common in Philippines specially in the provinces! Those people there are just mere workers, students, children, houswives! Do you think they have life insurances or even self protections or any safety device??? 98% nothing! But as you can see, there's no worry and fear on thier faces. All I can see is just contentment and a happy individuals.

Hmmm...miss Philippines!!!

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ruby said...

hahah mao,overload na sakay lang ghapon, oi paki change d i ang ako badge kay dili mo redirect sa ako blog ang code, na change na nko ang ako code..

Rob Jeremiah said...

Oo nga, karaniwan ang ganyan sa mga probinsiya. Pero dito sa Cavite, hindi gaano kasi bawal na rin. :)

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