28 Nov 2009

Christmas Tree!

While we were talking today through the net with my family way home, we happen to talk about christmas tree! I asked my mother if they already put up one:) Hehe my mother laugh because it was already there from October.. and she showed me as usual so I was reminded about it! Two days more and its December!

Christmas tree is a typical christmas decoration around the globe! At home, at stores, at schools, even on special places like in the middle of the city..heheh, recreation places and the like!

I love decorating and designing our christmas tree at home when I was still in Philippines! Like sometimes made of soap:) (perla)..hahah and sometimes cotton, or even a CT made of strings! And many more styles!Its fun and enoyable!

Also, there are even different contests of the brightest, unique, or biggest christmas tree in town:) In Philippines, we usually put it up earlier, like end of October or early November. But since the time I lived here in Sweden, we never had a christmas tree at home:( Because we just had a small place and no space for it! I always begged my husband to have one even a small one but he just promised that we can have it when we can transfer to a bigger place. And now that we have atleast little bigger than before, I started bagging him about it;) hmm.. he didn't answer a 'yes' yet but his smile speaks a lot! One of these days, I hope we can have one:)


4 readers digest:

ellen said...

happy sunday! godbless!

texas_sweetie said...

droppin' EC. i'd love putting up our lil Christmas tree too but the tree itself is nowhere to be found.. lots of boxes are piled up on top of another waaa lisod!

Salitype said...

ahh! you made me miss spending christmas at home! the carols, simbang gabi, bibingka at salabat and of course the christmas tree!

my daughter enjoys helping me putting the christmas decor. if its up to her we wouyldn't be putting away our christmas tree...lol!

ShY said...

I missed our christmas back ho me too.

How are you juntis? kumusta pagbubuntis natin diyan tejan?

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