25 Nov 2009

Couple's Corner #7- Misunderstanding???

Its Wednesday and it means Couple's Corner by sweet liz of RodlizNest:) And the topic for today is MISUNDERSTANDING which I don't really sure if I have something to write about this!

Rodliz’s Nest

During our first two years together I really did asked ourselves if our relationship was normal! My husband laugh out loud about that question because we both knew that every relationship have misunderstanding once in a while to spice it up! But we haven't! My husband just answered, "if we love each other and know our differences, its not how we should try to change it for each other but its how we accept each other's weaknesses!" Hmmm.. he had a point, but it was kind of boring:I

I don't really know if why it was like that, maybe because we always had new things came up that so exciting:) So our minds were cope up of all those! As in no time for fighting:) Hehe, anyway misunderstanding is not fighting but I mean those sweet moments of feeling bad then after that the 'sorry with hugs and kisses' followed! hahahah! But, I knew it because we were just experiencing it lately. When everything already in tact. Each has already directions in life and already facing each one's responsibility,at work, at home, on children and to each other. There clashes comes out! (We even had last night therefore I was not able to finish this:) wink*) But then, it was always a promised that if we have misunderstanding, we should not sleep without fixing it! Because, OA as it is,but I cannot sleep without holding his hands, wink,wink* Like I can find myself many times.. my hands looking his hands..hahah, do you understand that!lol..(automatic).

So there, I think our normal life just begun presently! hhahaahh! HAPPY CC EVERYONE!

A friend is someone who knows your weaknesses but still loves you anyway! Let our mate, our best friend:)!!

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Mom of Four said...

Wala kayongmisunderstanding?? naman naman, hehehe..di na normal yan, kahit konti lang?? talagang naghanap eh noh..

Well, may mga tao talagang di pala argue, kami ni hubby ko, madalas magkaroon ng argument, but because we have to speak our minds. Sarap kaya ng may misunderstanding pa minsan minsan, di naman yung away, kasi kahit kami di pa nag away. Asarin mo kapag minsan, ahahaha...

maritz said...


SHY said...

WOW galing nmn net, kami nung first year halos every week pero now that we have learned each other, wla na masyado pero minsan namimis ko kaya i start the fight lol..

Beth said...

wow! is that true>? ang galing, you must be so compatible not to have misunderstandings! :) thanks for sharing, kakainspire! :)

teJan said...

Halu everyone!, Yes we do have misunderstanding now, the only strange thing with us is we didn't have it during our first two years...just lately! balikatad! heheh.

Thanks for dropping by!

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