5 Nov 2009

Lots of check ups to do!

When pregnant, there are many changes to happen and many things going on to our body! I've been in lots of uncomfortability these past days. Sometimes pain and feeling weak. Like my teeth began aching, got swollen gums and tooth ache! Then my eyes, it feels like my present eye glasses can't help anymore! I already got headache and can't stare on one thing so long. This is just a correctional eyeglasses and will just use it when I'm reading, blogging and watching movie! but these days seems not working good anymore. Maybe its time to change into higher grade or whatever. And my skin also so dry! Oh whats happening on me:(

They said, these things are common when you are in this situation:) The baby will get lots of vitamins from the mother..hehe! Oh calling all my nurses friends here and gyne maybe you can explain! aheheh.

So, this coming november 12, I will be having lots of check ups! At 8:30am will be my pregnancy check up! They will do the first ultrasound, and I hope everything's gonna be fine. Then at 10:30 will be my dental check up. They have to fix all my aching teeth...hehe. Then we will visit the optical in the afternoon for my eyes and eyeglasses! Huh! We have to do it in just one day so our work absent gonna be just a day! I also need vaccination, this is still depending on what the doctor said!waaaaahhh!! lots!

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shydub said...

Goodluck to the left and right appointments jan.

Lindz said...

oh, naku ganyan din ako noon at sabi nila lalaki daw kasi lumabo mata ko at ayun totoo nga lalaki nga.. hayy sis agwanta lang diha, 8 more months na lang

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