20 Nov 2009

Yummy moments on Mommy Moments!

Thanks God Its friday! And it Mommy Moments time! Today's theme is ”yummy”. Hehe:)

mommy moments

Angelikka loves icecream, and yogourt! Here in Sweden, they have what they call 'lordags godis' which means ; saturday sweets, they can only eat candies, icecream, chocolates and the like every saturday:) This is on children, and even if you'll buy for example tuesday, they know that it can wait til saturday! But I have a story to tell about my darling little girl.

One monday night, I brought a bag of candies home. I got it from a friend for Angelikka. So when I came home I showed her that candies and chocolates explaining, she can eat it on saturday. She understand and even told her pappa about it that she will eat it not until friday! But then thursday, she was so silent on her room, while we were busy on our computer. Then after a couple of hours she went out crying and asking forgiveness, so I wonder what happened then she told me that she ate some of those chocolates:)hehe!

Anyway, here are some 'yummy pics of her:)
Ice cream girl!!!

Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

8 readers digest:

chubskulit said...

I love the last one sis, she's really into it.. Mine is at nostalgic.. mwah!

ruby said...

pagka cute nlng gyud!

Jac said...

She's so pretty! I love her MM Yummy pics! So precious..
Have a lovely weekend!

Lulu said...

pastilan pagka tisay ni laikka dili ilhan nga bisdak hehehe

yummy jud ni ice cream ba

Lindz said...

hehehe naguilty diay tejan imong little one, how cute naman uy

Cecile said...

she is very cute; i love those pictures :-)!

♥Willa♥ said...

I think when they are eating ice cream, the messiers, the better! lol!

she's so cute!!!

Chris said...

ice cream is the favorite of most kids! :D

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